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Who are we and what do we do? Live 2 Be Healthy is a website dedicated to helping you lose weight in your 50’s and beyond. Our mission is to show you how to stay fit and healthy as you get older so you feel good about yourself mentally and physically.

This website is run by me, Harjit Suman. I created it in 2018 and after extensive research I want to share with you great ways on how to stay fit and healthy, whether it is by exercise, eating the right foods and drinks or taking amazing weight loss programs.

On this website you will find articles, blogs and product reviews on the best health food and drinks currently in the market as well as exercise and weight loss programs which will help you lose weight in older age.

So A Little About Me…..

Harjit in the About Us Live 2 Be Healthy

I am a family man and have a lovely wife and 2 wonderful children. I was born in the UK in West Yorkshire where I lived until I was 31 years old. When I got married I moved to Warwickshire with my wife due to a change in both our jobs.

I am a fitness freak and like playing and watching most sports. In particular, I love playing football and squash. I have played football since my school days and I currently play 5 a side football every week. I also play squash once a week with my friend. I love the fact that it is so intense and it tests your stamina to the limit!

Why Did I Create Live 2 Be Healthy?

So why did I decide to create Live 2 Be Healthy and why in particular is it catered for people over 50? Well my grandad, in his later life struggled with his health. He didn’t do much exercise and he was afraid of going to the gym because he didn’t want to look uncool next to people so much younger than him!

He knew I liked sports and fitness in general and he often asked me for advice on exercises and what foods to eat. I could only help him so far as I was no health and fitness guru by any means.

Research, Research, Research…..

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I didn’t want to give my grandad just general health advice as I really wanted to help him become fitter and healthier. I wanted to delve deeper into what aspects of his health he wanted to improve so I asked him lots of questions about his health. I then started to do research on health food and drinks, exercises and what the best weight loss programs were in the market. While conducting the research, I also tried all these different health food and drinks, exercise and weight loss programs out for myself. The ones I liked and thought would be beneficial to my grandad I then recommended to him.

My grandad was really appreciative of the help and advice I gave him. The health food and drinks and the exercise programs I recommended to him helped him to not only lose weight but also feel good about himself mentally.

Now I Am Offering All This Advice To You!

Now after all the research I have conducted and helping my grandad become healthy, I thought I can help other people of a similar age which is the reason why I created Live 2 Be Healthy. I want to help you just like I helped my grandad.

I Would Love To Hear From You

Please do leave me a message as I really want to know if my articles and blogs have helped you to become fit and healthy. If you need help or advice then please leave me a message below and I will come back to you as soon as I can.