5 Amazing Flat Stomach Exercises for Women

Discover The 5 Best Flat Stomach Exercises for Women Over 50

Flat stomach exercises for women. Woman doing The Plank
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Nobody would want to be side-lined because of age. So you will want to do everything to keep that body in check and to be agile and look super hot. There are many exercises you can get involved in to achieve this, one of which are flat stomach exercises for women. Having a great flat stomach is not all about having great abs. It has proven everyday benefits in your overall well being.

Achieving a flat stomach by performing flat stomach exercises can be difficult. In this article, we will talk about five tested and trusted flat stomach exercises for women that will give you a flattened stomach, even in your 50’s.

The Plank

Flat stomach exercises for women  - The Plank

The Plank exercise is one of the most suitable exercises you can do to flatten your stomach. The Plank exercise is recognised for its ability to help build isometric strength. This helps flatten your stomach, sculpt your waistline and help your body posture.

This is an exercise which involves staying in one position for as long as possible. How long you hold your position depends on your strength. The Plank exercise does not involve the use of any special equipment. This makes it easy for you to do Plank exercises anywhere and at anytime.

The Plank exercise is not advisable for those with a back issue. You should contact your doctor to see if you are fit to do this type of exercise so as not to cause further damage.

Steps to follow:

· Lie face down and maintain a straight position
· Ensure you rest on your forearms
· Place your forearms flat on the floor
· Push off the floor, raise up onto your toes and rest on your elbows
· Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels. Pull in abdominals and pull up your pelvic floor
· Do this for as long as your strength can take you
· Repeat the process as much as you can

Vacuum Pose

Flat stomach exercises for women  - Vacuum Pose

The Vacuum Pose is an isometric exercise. It creates a different tension in the abdominal muscles. Again, this doesn’t create bulky 6-pack abs, it flattens and tones down the stomach area. Trainers say the Vacuum Pose is one of the best flat stomach exercises for women. To have the desired result, follow these instructions and do it as often as you can.

Steps to follow:

· Stand straight with your legs a little wide open
· Suck in your lower abs (the part around your belly button for best results)
· Hold the tension of the “sucking in” for as long as your strength can take you
· There is no need for holding your breath while doing this. You have to let out a little breath while at the same time maintaining tension
· Repeat the process as much as you can

Abdominal Cycle

Flat stomach exercises for women  - Abdominal Cycle

The Abdominal Cycle exercise activates your entire core to stabilize your body. Trainers say this flat stomach exercise is suitable to achieve a flat stomach for women over 50. When done in the right way, this exercise will help bring out that flat stomach you are craving for.

Steps to follow:

· Lie flat on the floor and pull your abdominals in
· Support your head with your hands then raise from the floor to create a mild tension in the abdominals
· Bring up your knees to a 45-degree angle and slowly go through a bicycle pedalling motion
· For a faster result, raise your head and shoulders higher
· Aim to do 20 cycles and then increase your reps as you become stronger

Abs Wheel

Flat stomach exercises for women  - Abs Wheel

The Abs Wheel exercise is a very effective flat stomach exercise for women. It has the ability to engage the entire core of the body, also referred to as “stabilizer muscles”. This helps maintain a balance and correct posture while acting as a support system for your skeleton.

As the name implies, the Abs Wheel exercise involves the use of a roller. Although the Abs Wheel is recommended for getting good abs, especially for men, it is also used for women. The only difference is that a woman’s abs won’t be as complex as that of man.

Steps to follow:

· Be on all fours
· Grasp the handle of the roller with your two hands, one on each side of the wheel
· Keep your head down in a neutral position
· Push your torso up into a plank position with your body in a single straight line from head to heels
· Engage your core and hold for as long as you can
· Repeat the process as much as you can

Core Balance Rear Raise

Flat stomach exercises for women  - Core Balance Rear Raise

The Core Balance Rear exercise involves a lot of balance, and it requires standing on one leg for a long second. Apart from helping to flatten your stomach, it also helps to build your body balance.

The Core Balance Rear Raise exercise will help you in your flat stomach exercise journey. Here are the instructions to perform this exercise.

Steps to follow:

· Stand with feet hip width apart
· Keep your hands stretched out (like a plane) at shoulder level, fixing your right leg into the ground
· Lift your leg from the ground slowly while keeping your leg as straight as you can
· Focus your attention on a point
· Aim to get your upper body parallel to the floor and hold this position for a few seconds. Make sure you pull your abdominals in
· As you improve, you will begin to increase your hold time
· Lower the right leg and repeat on the left (you may find that you can balance better on one side, but this will improve with practice)

Performing any or all the flat stomach exercises for women above is the best way to achieve a flat stomach. Along with these flat stomach exercises, you need to be on a balanced diet. Don’t eat junk or processed food and consume healthy drinks like red or green tea 3 times a day. Follow these steps and you will see the results sooner than you think!

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