Discover How Many Calories Do You Burn Running?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Running Aged 50?

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Running is a great way to stay fit and healthy and can be done any time of the day. When you run it increases good cholesterol levels as well as improve your immune system. Other benefits of running includes helping to lose weight, prevent disease such as lowering the risk of breast cancer and helping to reduce a stroke. It can also lower stress levels and help eliminate depression due to a release of secrete hormones from the brain which improves your mood.

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Do you run as part of your weekly exercise routine but wonder how many calories do you burn running? Well I have conducted a study by collating data from a calorie calculator and presented the findings in easy to read charts.

The study was conducted on males and females aged 50 and is based on the average height and weight of a male and female in the US.

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Now you know the answer to the question how many calories do you burn running you can work out how many calories you want to burn and run the appropriate length of time to burn the required calories. On average a male will burn an extra 51 calories for every 5 minutes run and a female 42 calories.

There are recommended ways to lose weight aged 50 or over and running is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Some people may say that running aged 50 or over isn’t safe but there are ways to make your running program not only enjoyable but safe. Before you start to decide to run as part of your exercise program I would always recommend that you see a doctor first.

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