How To Lose Weight After 50

How To Lose Weight After 50 : 4 Easy Tips You Should Know

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Do you have an inner conflict about how to lose weight after 50? It is true that many physiological changes happen in your body as you put mileage on. The metabolic rate slows down. You have to battle with various hormonal imbalances that happen in your body. Sometimes, to maintain the metabolic rate as you had 10 years ago seems to be near to impossible.

Do you have blatant crows feet and bulging varicose veins that agonize you? Don’t worry! Even though melting off appears to be a distant dream, it isn’t! There are many simple and effective ways to slenderize your body. There are plenty of ways to defeat this declining muscle mass and increased fat mass at this age. Discover below 4 simple tips you should know on how to lose weight after 50.

1. Maintain a healthy diet

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If you want to lose weight after 50, you have to take conscious efforts. Strike off fried foods and cured meats in your diet list. Replace them with calorie dense food. Add a lot of fruit and vegetables that have a high fibre content, in the list to remain healthy. This will help you regain your lost physique.

Drink red or green tea at least 3 times a day if you want to lose weight.

Always eat homemade food. When you eat out, you gulp in lots of processed and fat rich food. Be informed that fat metabolism is almost nil after 50 years of age. Follow your diet list to stay in shape.

2. Start with light exercises

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Fitness expert Paula Todd says doing light exercises helps to lose weight after 50. She also mentions it makes the life lively. If you were not a fitness freak during your younger years, start to be one, by doing simple aerobic exercises. There are many wonderful exercises like walking and jogging to get into shape.

You can try lifting weights that your hand can comfortably hold and repeat it 8 times. This will strengthen your hand bones. Any kind of cardio exercise will improve cardiovascular activity and improves metabolism. When the metabolic rate of the body increases, you slim down.

3. Never skip breakfast

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As the word indicates, you are breaking the fast in the early hours of the day. Breakfast is the first food you eat in a day and load it with protein, fibrous food and of course fat. Did you hear it as FAT? Yes, you can have unsaturated fatty foods as your body needs a well-balanced diet. The fatty foods provide almost 35 to 40% of calories to the body. A heavy breakfast but a healthy breakfast would do the trick!

Do you feel having the same food over and over again pulls you in a vicious circle? Does it make you feel like you are following the same dull routine? Then, replace apples with pears or whole eggs with leafy veggies!

4. Sleep for at least 6 hours

There has been many studies to suggest insufficient sleep leads to being overweight. Lack of adequate sleep is the main factor that brings an imbalance in mental and physical well being. If you want to lose weight after 50, maintain the principle “early to bed and early to rise”. Try to sleep for at least 6 hours and maintain a strict night time routine.

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To conclude, to lose weight after 50, is an uphill journey. As you get older your metabolism becomes lower. The more you eat the harder it is to shake off the pounds. You have to maintain a healthy diet and sleep more to stay fit and fine. You can make a visit to your family doctor to seek advice. Talk about the appropriate exercise regime or diet plan you can follow with the doctor.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to lose weight after 50. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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