Red Tea vs Green Tea : Is Red Tea Better Than Green Tea?

Red Tea vs Green Tea : Discover Which Is Better For Your Health

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The Red Tea Detox

Red Tea, also know as Rooibos tea, is made from the leaves of a shrub called Aspalathus Linearis. They are grown and harvested in South Africa. These people, cultivated and consumed bush tea. Now, people across the globe consume this beverage as it has awesome health benefits.

For ages, people know the health benefits of green tea. But if you ask is red tea better than green tea, then few people will be able to answer this question. It is an undeniable fact that tea, in general, is better than coffee. The reason why coffee is the second alternative is the presence of high caffeine levels in them. Having known tea is better, let us compare red tea vs green tea.

The older adults, who are more than 50 years of age, have to keep a check on their dietary habits. As the metabolism rate decreases with age, food intake should be reduced. These people should avoid food that has fatty content in them. You should bring about new guidelines to consume red tea. It has low caffeine content and can treat sleeping problems. Let us try to find an answer to the question is red tea better than green tea?

The health benefits of red tea for over 50’s are the following:

1. Tannin in required levels

If we discuss the point red tea vs green tea, red tea has lesser Tannin content making it more palatable than green tea. Green tea has more Tannin content which gives a sharp bitter taste to it.

Tannin is present in required levels in red tea. This element has the property to make the skin pores contract. It also has cleaning properties when applied on the skin. They are, by far, the best anti-aging toners that help you fight against aging. They improve the iron absorption rate of the body. The consumption of red tea helps in curing Hemochromatosis. This results from the intake of iron in huge quantities. Consumption of red tea over green tea is therefore better, which has high Tannin content.

Nowadays, we can find lots of older adults taking appointments with cosmetologists for a Botox treatment. They want to fix droopy eyelids or sagging skin. Tannin in red tea is an excellent doctor that treats the aging problem in older adults. This is a wonderful natural treatment for aging problems in these quinquagenarians.


Red vs Green tea? Red tea wins due to the right amount of Tannin content.

2. No Oxalic acid

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It is a fact that many veggies like spinach and beetroot that are nutritious, contain Oxalic acid. When this acid enters our body, it oxalates with some minerals found in our body. This forms insoluble compounds in the urinary tract, colon etc. These are very harmful to our body.

Too much consumption of Oxalic acid leads to an untimely death. Any tea, other than red tea has 150 mg of Oxalic acid per 50 mg tea. It can prove dangerous if consumed even in slightly increased quantity. This acid reduces the capacity of our body to absorb certain essential minerals like iron and calcium. When you consume spinach and tea, the Oxalic acid prevents the absorption of iron in the body.

The Oxalic acid accelerates the process of kidney formation in human beings. This acid combines with calcium to form strong calcium Oxalate crystals in the urinary bladder and kidney. These calcium stones are very painful and can cause serious ailments like cancer in patients.


Red tea vs green tea? Well red tea has Oxalic acid as low as 0 to 2 mg whereas, green tea has 12 to 30 grams in every cup. If the individuals who are above 50 years consume Oxalic acid-rich diet, they can get painful kidney stones that cause extreme pain.

3. Rich in oxidants

Whether it is green or red tea, both are rich in one or the other type of oxidants. If green tea has Epigallocatechin, red tea has superoxide dismutase. These antioxidants help to repair the damaged cells. It provides protection against the damage the free radicals cause to the body. These free radicals are formed when oxygen in the blood is digested and absorbed into the body.

Since red tea is rich in oxidants, it helps the body cells to remain healthy. As we all know, at the age of 50 and above, cell damage happens quite rapidly. Red tea helps to stall this process for some time.


Red tea vs green tea? It is a true fact that both are packed with antioxidants. But the antioxidants like Notofagin and Aspalathin found in red tea is not found in any other substance.

The Red Tea Detox

4. Rooibos tea helps to strengthen bones

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This tea is an excellent source of calcium in human beings. The people with osteoporosis, joint pain are increasing day by day. Young people can end these problems if they consume it at least three times a day. This beverage provides enough calcium supply to our body like milk. It has other minerals like fluoride and manganese in enough quantities. If your body finds more source to nourish your body with these minerals, you can avoid many bone-related problems in the future.

Rooibos tea is very good for people who are over 50 years. This is partly because they are more susceptible to bone related problems. Consuming this beverage can help you to stay away from many bone related problems at this age.


Red tea vs green tea? Both are good nutritional choices. But the antioxidant called Quercetin which helps in increasing bone density is found only in red tea.

5. Fight against cancer and diabetes

The antioxidants like Quercetin and Luteolin present in Rooibos tea help to fight against cancer. These antioxidants check the growth of cancerous cells or benign tumors in the human body.

Type 2 diabetes is common in older people. Drinking Rooibos tea daily can reduce the sugar levels in the body. Thereby, these people can lead a diabetes-free life. The Aspalathin present in this tea assists in reducing sugar levels in the human body. When the liver secretes insulin in the required quantities, the sugar in the blood gets absorbed.


Red tea vs green tea? We can say that both have different antioxidants that save our body from cell damage and assist to bring down the sugar levels.

Red tea vs green tea: is red tea better than green tea

Conclusion: Is Red Tea Better Than Green Tea?

So is red tea better than green tea? For the reasons mentioned above, I would say yes. In short, red tea is a  beverage, that is rich in many useful elements that help us to stay young, kill cancer-causing cells. It improves the production of insulin that absorbs sugar in the blood. It also promotes cardiovascular health in people. It is a true fact that green tea as well as red tea, have many essential elements that improve overall well being of a human being. Red tea has certain rare antioxidants that we can’t find in any other food. The red tea helps people above 50 to regain their lost vigor and health.

The Red Tea Detox

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